How Well Do They Know You? Measuring Brand Awareness Like a Pro

Imagine throwing a huge party with delicious food, good music, and a great atmosphere. But then the next day, you have no idea who went and if they enjoyed the event. That’s kind of what it feels like when you have low brand awareness. You might be putting on a great party, but without knowing if anyone’s watching, it’s hard to say if it was a success. 

In marketing, brand awareness is essentially how well people know and remember your brand. But how do you know if people know your brand? Fear not, fellow marketeer! The following includes key measurements and tools to help you measure your brand awareness like a pro: 

Brand Recognition Metrics: They Know Your Name, Do They?

Social Media Following: A solid and engaged following on a platform that is fitting for your brand like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, suggests that people are interested in what you’re saying. Look at more than just the number of followers, but also other metrics like % of engagement (likes, comments, shares) to have an idea of the depth of the engagement. 

Website Traffic: A consistent flow of visitors — especially organic traffic (people are learning about your brand by finding you through search engines, versus needing specific direction on where to go) — suggests that people are discovering your brand without needing to be reminded of your name. Analyze traffic sources to see where people learn about your brand. 

Brand Recall Metrics: Remember Me?

Brand Surveys: Just ask! Surveys target marketing in your audience can determine how well someone can recall your brand, or what associations they have with your brand. Surveys can also be sent out through emails, or can be polls on social media accounts to increase your brand awareness. 

Monitor Your Website Traffic: The content written above is going to refer to how individuals are searching on the web for your company’s brand name. From here, businesses are going to find out more about the language individuals are using to get to the website to understand whether they are directly searching for the brand or looking under industry related language.

Brand Tracking Tools: Your Brand Awareness Detectives

Use Social Listening Tools: This is where Brandwatch and Sprout Social are going to help businesses not only to listen to the conversations online, but also be able to gauge the mention of their brand, in real-time. Additionally these tools provide the ability to spot brand advocates and influencers in your space.

Use of Web Analytics Tools: Google Analytics is a great way to understand where your traffic is coming from, how often your brand is mentioned on your site (through searches and comments), and the overall demographic of your readers. The purpose here is to understand how your brand is interacting with people online. 

Please remember that brand awareness is a journey not a destination. With these measures and tools consistently in place and other tools to measure real time sentiment, businesses are going to be able to see their improvement, understand where to put more focus and quickly see the difference in their marketing strategies – ultimately changing the conversation so see your party grow. 

Brandvertise Team
Brandvertise Team

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